Monday, June 8, 2009

Has it really been 2 1/2 weeks?

The last time I posted was 2 1/2 weeks ago - sorry about that. With the baby's newfound mobility he has become a destructive crawling machine, and is trying desperately to walk, but all he's managed so far is an unassisted stand. Which, for the record, I don't like one bit. I was kind of hoping he'd be a late walker so I could have his babyhood somewhat extended, but alas, he's an independent person with his own agenda.

Darn it anyway.

In my own news, I just finished the last class I needed to obtain my Accounting Certificate - go me! I'm going to call the advisor today to talk about what steps I need to take in order to get it awarded.

Other than that all is pretty quiet on this western front, and I hope to be able to update more now that my class is done.


  1. Wait a minute, stop the presses! He's standing unassisted? As in, standing without holding on to anything? Or pulling himself into a standing position and holding on without help. Clarification please! If the former is true, I need to see video and pictures of this amazing standing baby, stat!

    And rock on with your bad self and your accounting certificate. Keep on kicking butt!

  2. Congratulations! :) Your baby is beautiful, and my friend does accounting and she loves it. Rock on.